Recovery Center Youth Work Program

Activities, information, events and support have the following goals:

To provide jobs for 16-25 year olds and train them as Peer Recovery Guides to provide the following:
-    Engage individuals that are 16-25 years old in activities leading to employment
-    Assist these  individuals in identifying, remembering or discovering their passions in life
-    Serve as a clearing house of community participation and guiding them into employment
-    Offer social events that provide a range of opportunities for individuals 16-25 years of age
-    Engage in community activities, advisory boards, education, school programs
-    Build on existing best practices in self-help /peer support and mutual support
-    Operate with peer input and peer oversight while maintaining strong boundaries
-    Support individuals in linking to those community groups, organizations, networks or places that will nurture and feed   an individual's passions in life and assist in obtaining or maintaining employment opportunities
-   Seek information on employment opportunities, employment skills and related training
-   Employment skill building, assistance in linkage or direct supports for resume building and other skills or topics that increase the opportunity for successful employment

The way we provide engagement and peer support is flexible and person centered in meeting them where they are at and offering tools, information and support to promote the spark of life and assist in obtaining meaningful employment.

Engagement/Community work: Recovery Guides will seek information, activities available in the community to provide opportunities to guide individuals in recovery to their goals. Recovery Guides will create a network of agencies, programs and supports. Recovery Guides will share and encourage Community engagement.  Recovery Guides will meet with individuals where they are at, going into the programs and offering information, peer support to help meet the goals listed above. STRAWW is bringing the community opportunities to the participants of programing. Supportive guidance and exploration of activities or events that will help persons in recovery meet their goals.

Individual work: We work directly with individuals who have specific goals to obtain employment, education, volunteer work that can lead to employment once that spark of life has been identified. The peer support and information will be used to link the person in recovery to activities, programs and opportunities through personal goal setting and other tools to help the recipient to be successful and confident in their spark of life.

Networking: Housing Options works with other agencies in collaborative services and events while building a network of providers and services that assist us in obtaining services or support for the individuals we are working with, which can be utilized in the removal of potential barriers that keep the individuals from obtaining and maintaining gainful employment.  We work in partnership with all the programs in Cattaraugus County that assist individuals with job placement.